Inflatable Rubber Boat Dock Pneumatic rubber Fenders with Tyre and Hot Dip Galvanized Chain Net

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Floating rubber fender
Natural Rubber
Ship to ship, ship to port
Ship to ship , ship to quay
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Inflatable floating pneumatic rubber fender


1. Introduction
Evergreen Maritime is the world leading manufacturer of pneumatic rubber fender, and China unique manufacturer complys with ISo17357:2014. His products are certificated by CCS, ABS, LR, BV, SGS, etc.

High pressure floating pneumatic rubber fender is a leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world today. It is made of synthetic cord reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to flaot on the water and work as a shock absorber when ship to ship transfer operations and ship to quay berthing and mooring operations. The first pneuamtic rubber fender was developed in 1985 based on the technology for auto mobile tires and rubber aircraft fuel tanks by YOKOHAMA RUBBER COMPANY.

Pneumatic fenders have the advantages of massive energy absorption with low unit surface pressure acted upon the ship. So pneumatic fender has become an ideal ship protection medium used extensively by large tankers, LPG vessels,ocean platforms, bulk carriers and floating structures, large docks, harbor and wharfs


Evergreen Maritime ensures that all its pneumatic rubber fenders fully company with all requirements of ISO17357:2014

Evergreen Maritime commites to manufacture and provide the high quality pneuamatic rubber fenders for STS, STQ operation.

In order to produce the qualified and famous China Brand of pneumatic fenders, Evergreen Maritime invested the advanced production and test equipments, and invited the foreign experienced engineers of pnematic fenders, which ensure all Evergreen Maritime pneumatic fenders are manufactured comply with ISO17357:2014. 

Therefore, Evergreen Maritime is the unique manufacturer of ISO17357 qualified pneumatic fender in China

2. Construction

Floating pneumatic rubber fender, whose basic body construction consists of outer rubber layers, synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber layers and inner rubber layers, are kind of cylindrical airbags with hemispeherical heads at both ends. All of these are vulcanized together and then compress air inside to enable it to float on the water. So pneumatic fender has become an ideal ship protection medium used extensively by large tankers.,LPG vessels, ocean platforms, bulk carriers and floating structures, large docks, harbor and wharfs.

2.1 Outer rubber
The outer rubber layers that covers the outside of fender protects the cord layers and the inner rubber from abrasion and other external forces. This compound has sufficient tensile and tear strength to withstand any weather condition and hard usage. Standard color is black, but other colors such as grey and creamy white are available on request.
2.2 Inner rubber
 The liner of a rubber membrane seals the pressurized air inside the fenders.
2.3 Synthetic tire cord layers for reinforcement
The reinforcement layers, which are made of synthetic tire cord commonly used in tires, are arranged at ideal angles to hold the internal pressure and to distribute the stress evenly providing strong efficient reinforcement.

2.4 Beading Ring
A steel ring is placed at one end (or both ends) of the fender and holds the end of cord layers.
2.5 Flange
A steel flange is mounted on the fender, to which an air valve or safety valve can be adapted. 
2.6 SafetyValve
Fenders of diameter 2500mm and larger shall be equipped with safety valve for releasing excess internal pressure when the fenders are over-compressed accidentally. Fender which are smaller than 2500mm in diameter, can be equipped with a safety valve if required.
2.7 Metal accessories
All the relevant metal accessories of pneuamtic fenders, include shackles, towing rings, swivels, chain net, are made of stainless steel, and H.D.G. which are resistant for sea water corrosion.

3.Performance table for P50 & P80 Pneumatic Fenders

Nominal size
Pneumatic 50
Guaranteed energy absorption (KN.M)
Pneumatic 50
Reaction force at GEA deflection (KN)
Pneumatic 50
Hull pressure at GEA deflection (KN)
Pneumatic 80
Guaranteed energy absorption (KN.M)
Pneumatic 80
Reactionforce at GEA deflection (KN)
Pneumatic 80
Hull pressureat GEA deflection (KN)
Dia x Length60% deflectionTolerance ±10% 60% deflectionTolerance ±10% 


  •  Initial pressure 0.05Mpa.
  • Tolerance between Reaction force & Energy absorption: ±10%
  • Weight Tolerance: ±10%
  • Special dimensions can be customized.
  • All the Fittings are Hot-galvanized and Antirust Treatment.


The are two typical installation type: ship to ship operation and ship to quay operation

5.1 ship to ship operation
Generally speaking, for the light duty ship to ship operation, two contact points are enough. But for the heavy duty ship to ship operation, 1 or 2 extra pneumatic rubber fender should be used as the primary fendering to absorb the berthing energy, and keep proper stand-off distance between two ships. Meanwhile, two or more small-size fenders can be hung on the ship hull as the secondary fendering.

The pneumatic fenders should be hung by guy chains or guy ropes, which should be selected depending on the different size and weather condition. Evergreen-Maritime pneumatic fenders are supplied with two ends shackles that connect the fender body with guy chains or guy ropes.

5.2 ship to quay operation

Pneumatic fenders are often used for the ship to quay operation because of its excellent performance. The typical installation type is like the follow figure. The pneumatic fenders are anchored with quay by the guy chain and shackles. Meanwhile, the pneumatic fender can be floated on the water surface depend on the change of tide.



Q1:Whats the material of your products?

 A:Our raw material is natural rubber, and rubber-dipped nylon cord fabric

 Q2:Are you factory or trading company?

 A:We are the company and factory,located in Jimo City,Qingdao,near to Qingdao port and Qingdao airport,which is convenient for transportation.

 Q3:Can you do OEM?

 A:Yes,we can do.As long as receive your request,we could produce accordingly.

 Q4:Whats your delivery time and payment terms?

 A:Delivery time is according to customers’ size and order qty.The payment terms you could choose are T/T,L/C at sight,Western Union and so on.

 Q5:How can I get samples from you?

 A:We are honored to provide you samples for check quality.Customers just confirm freight collect and then we could send out the sample by FedEx,DHL,UPS,TNT and so on.

 Q6:Whats certificates can your company provide?

 A:We can provide CCS,ABS,DNV,LR,BV certificates.

 Q7:What about your warranty time?

 A:Our warranty period is 24 months.During this time,any problems about products from our factory,we solemn promise to change and repair them for free;if problems from customers’ improper operating,we could provide free guidance and repair materials